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  • Death and the lady. Etching.
  • A clock dial on which a skeleton holds an oil lamp. Drawing by Caleb Elwin, 1800.
  • Death astride his horse is the hero of the battlefield. Etching.
  • Four circular compositions with scenes from the dance of death. Lithograph after Israhel van Meckenem.
  • An elderly man taunted by a skeleton, as he sits and ponders in a vanitas conceit. Woodcut by Tobias Stimmer, 1580.
  • A young woman contemplating a skull. Woodcut by A. Andreani after A. Casolano, 1592.
  • A young artist in his studio contemplating a skull. Etching, 1815.
  • A man, half human and half skeleton. Etching.
  • Three figures on horseback. Etching.
  • A man of a hundred years is Death's target. Etching.
  • Death points an arrow at a female dancer. Aquatint by J. Gleadah, 1822.
  • A monk contemplates a skull at candlelight. Lithograph by Nepomuk Johann Strixner after L. Carracci.
  • The open tomb of Pallas is visited by a group of visitors. Etching.
  • Six people seated at an outdoor table are approached by Death, a young woman holding a skull, and a winged putto. Etching.
  • A monument teaching mortality, including figures and symbols alluding to death. Woodcut by A. Andreani after G. Fortuna, ca. 1588.
  • A winged figure is flanked by Adam and Eve whose legs are chained by Death. Etching by C. de Pass.
  • Two mercenary soldiers approach a seated prostitute while Death sits in a tree, pointing to an hourglass. Etching after Urs Graf, 1524.
  • Figures of Death rob a village of its children. Etching by Stefano Della Bella.
  • A procession of dancers following a music-making Death. Etching by A.W. Thompson, 1867.
  • A winged figure of Death stands in front of a prostrate skeleton and tears out the pages of a book while a crowd of people watch him. Etching by Marco Dente (Marco da Ravenna) after Baccio Bandinelli.
  • Death is the victor of the battlefield. Etching by Stefano della Bella, 16--.
  • Dance of death: three music-making and dancing skeletons flanked by two women on the left and a couple on the right. Etching.
  • Death and the warrior. Coloured aquatint.
  • Philip, King of Macedon, is woken up by his page and reminded of his mortality. Engraving by John Payne, 1639.
  • Death visits the paupers' house. Engraving by Johan Sadeler after Jan van der Straet.
  • Two skeletons flank a tree to which they attach a large cloth. Etching by Stefano della Bella, 16--.
  • A coat of arms depicting an altar, a coffin and skull and crossbones, is flanked by two figures of death; above, a skull crowned with an hourglass. Woodcut by C. van Sichem.
  • The aristocrat and Death. Etching.
  • A military procession of mercenary soldiers, followed by a winged figure of Death on horseback who is accompanied by two skeletal accomplices. Etching by Johann Theodor de Bry after Erhard Schön.
  • A skull: three views. Pencil drawing by Heinrich Appenzeller, 1558.