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  • Four school children sitting in class with the words 'A','I','D','S' spelt out in the shape of a clock; an advertisement for World AIDS Day, 1st December 1993 by the UNESCO Programme of Education for the Prevention of AIDS. Colour lithograph D. Roger and A. Jonquieres.
  • A hairy green male stamen heading from the right towards a deep red rose in full bloom representing 'Love Question No 345', which asks how crazy are you if your summer passion is unprotected; one of a series of safe sex AIDS prevention advertisements by Folkhälsoinstitutet, RFSU and RFSL. Colour lithograph by Garbergs, ca. 1995.
  • Wilson Fox. Lithograph.
  • Blood donation to save life. Colour lithograph by H. Fabigan, 195- (?) for the Österreichisches Rotes Kreuz.
  • The Physic Garden, Chelsea: a view showing the pair of cedar trees, and the statue of Sloane in the centre of the garden. Lithograph by H. Warren after J. Fuge.
  • The side profile of the face of Gladys, a black woman with red lips with speech bubbles containing a conversation with Steve about the use of condoms; advertisement for safe sex by the N.I.A.D. (Nederlands Instituut voor Alcohol en Drugs). Colour lithograph by Laren, Tadberg Design.
  • James David Forbes. Lithograph by W. H. Townsend.
  • A public information sheet about what you should know about AIDS and what you should do and don't; symbols within triangles symbolise warnings, symbols within squares represent safe activities; an advertisement by the Commissione Nazionale per la lotta contro l'AIDS, Ministero della Sanità. Colour lithgoraph by Publistyle International, ca. 1995..
  • A condom with a message in English and Chinese about safe sex and the risk of AIDS; an AIDS prevention advertisement by the Training and Health Education Department, Ministry of Health in Singapore. Colour lithograph, 1993.
  • Sir Richard Owen. Lithograph by A. Orton after E. C. Rye.
  • Two women run towards a transit goods van to greet the driver who has avoided AIDS to be home with his wife (coloured version); an AIDS prevention advertisement by the AIDS Control Programme, Ministry of Health, Uganda. Lithograph, ca. 1995.
  • Saint Francis Xavier holding a crucifix, surrounded by Asian and African people kneeling in front of him; sea and a ship in the background. Colour lithograph, ca. 1898.
  • Dissection of the area surrounding the anus and genitalia of a man, with the muscles and blood vessels indicated. Colour lithograph by G.H. Ford, 1865.
  • C. E. Bade. Lithograph after P. van den Eynde.
  • The faces of men and women and people at work highlighting that everyone is at risk of HIV/AIDS; an AIDS prevention advertisement by the CII, the Confederation of Indian Industry programme on HIV/AIDS prevention and care. Colour lithograph by Amita P. Gupta, ca. 1997.
  • A polar bear is devouring its prey, a seal, on an ice floe in the Arctic sea while three arctic foxes watch eagerly from an adjacent ice floe. Colour lithograph.
  • Johann Caspar Lavater. Lithograph by Z. Belliard.
  • National immunisation programme in Djibouti. Colour lithograph by Ministère de la Santé, 2002.
  • A pregnant mother in tears living in poverty with her many children: importance of family planning in Ghana. Colour lithograph, ca. 2000.
  • Antoine Laurent Lavoisier. Lithograph by Sommariva.
  • Skeleton, front view. Lithograph by Battistelli after C. Squanquerillo, 1836.
  • Two men are standing together with a boy, one of the men has a whip in his hand and the other is pointing towards the boy . Colour lithograph.
  • Augustin Grisolle. Lithograph by A. Maurin.
  • Remains of the eastern portico of a temple at Baalbec, Lebanon. Coloured lithograph by Louis Haghe after David Roberts, 1843.
  • A crowd of people appearing to wait with the message 'All are equal before the [HIV] virus'; an advertisement for the AIDS helpline by the Steirische AIDS-Hilfe. Colour lithograph after Heimo Binder.
  • A pregnant woman carrying a baby on her back with another beside her: family planning in Senegal. Colour lithograph by Projet Santé Familiale Senega, ca. 2000.
  • A health worker holds the hand of a mother with her baby: family planning in Nigeria. Colour lithograph by Planned Parenthood Federation of Nigeria, ca. 2000.
  • Karl, Freiherr von Rokitansky. Lithograph by A. Dauthage, 1853.
  • The painted faces of two men, one above the other, by Bruno; with the message that being HIV positive does not mean the end; an advertisement by Mann-O-Meter, the information and telephone service for gay men. Colour lithograph.
  • A woman smoking a cigarette, showing the route through which the smoke passes to the heart and lungs, as a warning against smoking. Colour lithograph, ca. 1940.