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  • 16 ways to decorate eggs for Easter : also the Easter egg nest and the tree and a lot of Easter games / British Egg Information Service.
  • Training programme 2000/2001 : courses on HIV / AIDS and lesbian & gay issues in mental health / PACE, Project for Advice, Counselling & Education.
  • Wherever you travel, however you travel, mind how you go : avoiding the risks of HIV for travellers : Travel Safe, advice from the Department of Health.
  • Sports snacking : active bodies crave carbohydrate for energy. But how do you get the most from meals and snack on the right foods at the right time?.
  • The celebrated Mrs. Weston, six inches shorter than any woman travelling ... : also the Liliputian Dwarf, thirty years of age, and only thrity-two inches high ...
  • Hooker's Malted Milk (in soluble powder) : delicious & nutritious, highest quality / Thew, Hooker & Gilbey, Ltd.
  • If you can't be a buddy : be a friend / LASS.
  • Advert for Guy's Tonic, to aid indigestion and nervousness, showing a nurse pouring the tonic into a measuring cup
  • See overleaf for details on how to take advantage of our celebratory offer... : get a free Millifuge! / Millipore.
  • AIDS and sex : what everyone should know / issued by the Scottish Health Education Group.
  • Thyresol und Thyresoltabletten : neues Santalolpräparat von vorzüglicher Bekömmlichkeit.
  • Prise de risque: que faire? : en cas de prise de risque: ... rapport non protégé, rupture de préservatif, éjaculation dans la bouche... : le T.P.E. (Traitement Post Exposition) : 48h pour agir / SNEG, santé et prévention.
  • Eating out. No. 3, The cits ordinary at the Gate House Highgate, or every hog to his own apple.
  • Pret : passionate about food / Julia Metcalfe, co-founder.
  • World Summit of Ministers of Health on Programmes for AIDS Prevention : London 26-28 January 1988 : use of the interpretation equipment / jointly organised by the World Health Organization and the United Kingdom Government.
  • The official gay & lesbian guide : Winter 93-94 / GBA.
  • Tanderil.
  • International Health Exhibition : South Gallery, Stand No. 217 : G. Fleming, manufacturer of the patent Air-Tight & Lock Corks.
  • Quels souvenirs vais-je ramener de vacance? : Sida, pour fair face, parlez-en! / Étudiants Contre le Sida.
  • Eat as much as you like : £7.95 per person lunch buffet / Poppadom Express.
  • How to prevent rebound psoriasis : Dithrocream: now the most practical treatment for psoriasis.
  • HIV / AIDS style guide / National Union of Journalists & UK NGO AIDS Consortium for the Third World.
  • Genuine indian arrow root : by appointment of the importer : also some fine turkey rhubarb / sold by Randall and Co.
  • Harry Wheatcroft's rose offer : 6 hybrid teas (cat. value 50'6) 29'6.
  • Macrobiotic quality wholefoods / Clearspring Ltd.
  • Tales of gay sex. 15, Bhangra beat / Terrence Higgins Trust, Naz project.
  • AVERT's AIDS & HIV services : "AVERTing AIDS and HIV" through education and funding medical research / AVERT.
  • Welcome to the new day : morning freshness assured after restful sleep with Doriden.
  • [Leaflet advertising appearances by "Two children united from the umbilical chord to the top of the breast bone", born January 1833 and being exhibited at The Rotunda, Blackfriars Road, London].
  • Tell me about HIV, I don't know anyone with HIV... do I? Could I get HIV? : HIV: let's get talking : find out the facts about HIV so you can get talking at www.nat.org.uk / NAT.