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  • Five doctors discussing their patient, Napoleon: one of the physicians is examining his rear end. Coloured etching, 1803.
  • Four female torsos joined at the waist with garden features as heads; symbolising the four seasons in a garden. Etching by T. B., c. 1797.
  • Hercules between Virtue and Vice. Etching by P. Aquila after Annibale Carracci.
  • The execution of a Christian prisoner in Algeria by suspending him from a wooden frame by hooks penetrating his right arm and leg. Etching with engraving.
  • The suicide of Cato. Etching by P. Testa, 1648.
  • Opium lettuce (Lactuca virosa): entire flowering and fruiting plant. Coloured etching by C. Pierre, c. 1865, after P. Naudin.
  • A man visiting a health resort with his limbs immobilized is watching a wasp flying near him; bath tub in the background. Etching, 1869.
  • Men shooting at a target with crossbows. Etching.
  • The burghers of the Dutch Republic are celebrating the death of Pope Clement XI; they are led by Death and devils to a picture showing the dying Clement XI and the new pope, Innocent XIII. Etching.
  • Aesculapius. Etching.
  • Saint Peter. Etching by S. Mulinari after G.F. Barbieri, il Guercino.
  • William Allen, portrayed as an alchemist with several furnaces, the one which he stokes is labelled "Matter o'money". Coloured etching by T. Jones, 1827.
  • While the holy family rest on the way to Egypt, an angel bends a palm tree to provide them with dates. Etching.
  • Two mules seen from behind heavily-laden with huge sacks. Etching.
  • The two angels visitng Lot's house in Sodom pull him back into his house, away from the rapacious, blinded mob. Etching by M. van der Gucht after G. Hoet.
  • Three people are playing musical instruments and singing. Etching.
  • Surgical instruments and patients undergoing treatment. Engraving with etching.
  • Death and the lady. Etching.
  • A man, half human and half skeleton. Coloured etching after R. Dighton, 17--.
  • A plant (Salvia patens): flowering stems. Coloured etching, c. 1842, after Miss Drake.
  • Three calculi: a bladder stone, a gall stone and a kidney stone. Etching, c. 1702.
  • Maria Sybilla Merian. Etching after G. Gsell.
  • A Turk's-cap lily (Lilium martagon), a harebell (Campanula rotundifolia) and a pansy (Viola species): flowering stems. Etching by N. Robert, c. 1660, after himself.
  • Two maggots. Etching.
  • A group of labourers resting in front of a haystack; to the right a woman picks fleas from a man's head. Etching by D. Deuchar.
  • A New Holland cassowary and two enlarged feathers. Etching by P. Mazell after Lt. Watts.
  • The gardens of the Palais d'Orleans. Etching by Perelle.
  • The castle at Verneuil near Paris. Etching.
  • Two jackals standing near their lair outside a village. Coloured etching.
  • Zoological Society of London: a Brahmin bull. Coloured etching by J. Russell after H.S. Smith.