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  • Five doctors discussing their patient, Napoleon: one of the physicians is examining his rear end. Coloured etching, 1803.
  • A carriage or bathing machine drawn by a sea monster is driven below cliffs: the animal inside has its tail caught in one of the rear wheels; the coachmen and two other passengers speak. Soft-ground etching.
  • Mercury, an agent of the Terror, carries Capucin Chabot naked towards a furnace; recording the turnover of human life during the Terror in the French Revolution. Coloured aquatint, ca. 1794.
  • William Allen, portrayed as an alchemist with several furnaces, the one which he stokes is labelled "Matter o'money". Coloured etching by T. Jones, 1827.
  • Three people drinking punch as a cure for (right to left) gout, colic, and phthisis. Coloured etching by J. Gillray, 1799.
  • The heads and shoulders of five male hair-dressers. Coloured lithograph by Jules Platier, 1840.
  • A gouty man in a Bath chair out shooting with his dogs, his black servant sniggers behind him. Engraving.
  • Professors at the Medical Faculty, University of Louvain: seven caricatures. Drawing (?) by G. Parsy, ca. 1900 (?).
  • Three anatomical dissections taking place in an attic. Coloured lithograph by T. C. Wilson after a pen and wash drawing by T. Rowlandson.
  • Frau Gruniacula, a character with a grotesque face. Line engraving attributed to D. Custos.
  • Women wearing four different styles of fashionable wigs. Coloured etching.
  • An ill man being bled by a surgeon. Coloured etching after J. Gillray, 1804, after J. Sneyd.
  • Twenty five medical conditions humourously illustrated. Coloured etching.
  • A wig-seller dressing a wig on a stand in his shop; the wig-stands bear the heads of Tory politicians. Wood engraving by W.C.W. after R. Seymour.
  • Two physicians in "macaroni" fashions. Etching by J. Johnson after J.W.B. (Bretherton?), 1772.
  • A convalescing man happily eating a meal, assisted by his grinning servant. Coloured etching by J. Gillray, 1804, after J. Sneyd.
  • Evolution of household articles, animals etc. according to Darwin's doctrine. Colour lithographs by Fr. Schmidt, ca. 187-(?).
  • Mediaeval torturers torture a gout-sufferer; representing the view attributed to Fabricius von Hilden that gout could be cured by torture. Colour process print after D.T. de Losques, 1910.
  • A man reads a book while his wife cuts his toenails. Coloured etching after G. Piattoli, c. 1800.
  • A drunken wet-nurse about to give the Prince of Wales (later Edward VII) a drop of alcohol as a horrified Queen Victoria and Prince Albert burst in on the scene. Lithograph.
  • A group of doctors parade a dummy with a skeleton's head representing cholera: a group of people run screaming from it. Coloured lithograph by H. Heath, 1832.
  • Three despairing women, one of whom looks disapprovingly at three quack medicine vendors concocting a mixture; representing Britain's economic depletion and distress at the hands of her politicians. Etching by W. Heath, 1830.
  • A butcher swinging a string of sausages from a knife rides on the back of a large black boar. Etching, 1774.
  • An ill marsupial creature with a human head and long tail is seated in a chair being treated by two nurses; representing Daniel O'Connell's role in the County Carlow election of 1835. Coloured lithograph by R. Seymour, 1835.
  • Transplanting of teeth.
  • British politicians at the Derby at Epsom. Colour lithograph by Judd & Co. after Tom Merry, 31 May 1884.
  • A doctor out hunting: attacked by the hounds, having fallen from his horse. Coloured etching by J.H., 1842.
  • A doctor taking the pulse of a country squire; the smug doctor receives a drink from the butler while his disgruntled patient's medicine is prepared by the maid. Lithograph by W. Hunt, 1825, after H.W. Bunbury.
  • A vaccinated man grows horns in front of a couple with a lancet. Coloured etching, c. 1800.
  • Britannia and her lion are begging on a bench on the Thames Embankment, impoverished by proposed Liberal reforms; beyond, the Palace of Westminster in ruins. Colour lithograph by Tom Merry, 28 November 1891.