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  • Anatomical drawing: the five viscera, front and back, Chinese
  • White bryony (Bryonia dioica): flowering plant. Woodcut.
  • Theory of diseases treated with da qinglong tang, Chinese
  • Opium lettuce (Lactuca virosa): entire flowering and fruiting plant. Coloured etching by C. Pierre, c. 1865, after P. Naudin.
  • A plant (Salvia patens): flowering stems. Coloured etching, c. 1842, after Miss Drake.
  • Ming herbal (painting): Water chestnut
  • Rueff's Conceptu et generationi...
  • Anatomy of the spleen in ancient Chinese medicine, woodcut
  • C19 Chinese paintings of famous physicians: Zhang Zhongjing
  • Qigong exercise to treat distension and suffocation
  • C19 Chinese MS moxibustion point chart: Quchi
  • Four plant stems with catkins, all from named types of willow (Salix species). Chromolithograph by W. Dickes & co., c. 1855.
  • A type of fish, possibly a whiting. Etching.
  • Chinese Materia Medica illustration, Ming: Sesame of Jinzhou
  • Mudwort (Limosella aquatica): flowering plant and floral segments. Coloured engraving after J. Sowerby, 1796.
  • Anatomical drawing: the lungs and heart nexus, Chinese MS
  • C18 Chinese woodcut: White laryngitis
  • Chinese C18: Paediatric pox -- 'Nose Surrounding' pox
  • Two scorpions: Thelyphonus giganteus and Thelyphonus rufipes. Coloured engraving.
  • C20 Chinese medical illustration in trad. style: Face massage
  • Acupuncture chart, liver channel of foot jueyin, Chinese
  • Early C20 Chinese Lithograph: 'Fan' diseases
  • Chinese Qigong practice, from early C20 illustrated MS
  • Paediatric massage (tuina) chart for palm and inner forearm
  • Qigong exercise to treat various illnesses of the abdomen
  • Chinese C18: Paediatric pox - 'Mouth-Locking' pox
  • C18 Chinese woodcut: Pale red laryngitis
  • Rock or wall cress (Arabis turrita): flowering stem, leaves and floral segments. Coloured engraving after J. Sowerby, 1794.
  • Chinese woodcut: