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  • Sudan: fighting, medical and social activity. Wood engraving and process print by J.F.W. after M. Prior and W.S. Perry.
  • A member of the Royal Scots Fusiliers playing the bagpipes in a camp in the Zulu War; a Zulu man is crouching down with his hands over his ears. Wood engraving by C.Roberts after Melton Prior, 1879.
  • A full and very basic hospital ward in the Egyptian hospital, Cairo. Etching after M. Prior.
  • An auctioneer selling fish from a platform to an excited audience, at Billingsgate Market. Coloured crayon-manner lithograph by M. Prior, 1870.
  • Anglo-Egyptian War, 1882: the execution of an Egyptian fighter by a British firing squad in Alexandria. Wood engraving after M. Prior, 1882.