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  • Saint Peter and Saint John healing a lame man and Saint Peter raising Tabitha. Chromolithograph by L. Gruner after C. Mariannecci after Masolino.
  • Saint Peter preaching. Chromolithograph by L. Gruner, 1861, after C. Mariannecci after Tommaso di Cristoforo Fini, il Masolino.
  • The Fall: Adam and Eve driven out by the Angel for eating the forbidden fruit. Etching by C. Lasinio after Masaccio and Masolino.
  • Saint Peter preaching. Colour lithograph by Storch & Kremer after C. Mariannecci after Masolino.
  • A serpent with a woman's head lurks in the Tree of Knowledge above Adam and Eve. Chromolithograph after Masolino.