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  • TEM of cell performing phagocytosis
  • TEM cell
  • TEM cell undergoing apoptosis, with mitochondrial pycnosis
  • TEM gut cell undergoing secondary necrosis
  • TEM normal neutrophil
  • Free radical damage in apoptosis
  • Normal gut cell
  • TEM normal cell
  • Caspase activity in a normal cell, confocal micrograph
  • Movie of calcium waves during apoptosis, confocal
  • TEM cell being ingested by phagocytosis
  • TEM normal cell, close-up
  • TWM of gut cell undergoing necrosis
  • TEM of a cell showing apoptotic bodies
  • Free radical damage in apoptosis
  • Free radical damage in apoptosis
  • ERK activity in normal cell
  • TEM Jurkat T cell showing typical clumped heterochromatin.
  • TEM of cell undergoing necrosis
  • Gut cells undergoing apoptosis
  • Free radical damage in apoptosis
  • TEM cell showing capped chromatin - apoptosis
  • TEM swollen mitochondria in apoptotic cell.
  • Cell
  • TEM cell in late stage of apoptosis, mitochondria swelling
  • TEM cell undergoing necrosis.
  • TEM Gut cell undergoing apoptosis, with capped chromatin
  • TEM Jurkat T cell early apoptopsis
  • TEM Normal cell, showing mitochondria
  • ERK activity in apoptotic cell