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  • Four female torsos joined at the waist with garden features as heads; symbolising the four seasons in a garden. Etching by T. B., c. 1797.
  • Photographs of eminent medical men, of all countries, with brief analytical notices of their works / edited by T.H. Barker.
  • The side profile of the face of Gladys, a black woman with red lips with speech bubbles containing a conversation with Steve about the use of condoms; advertisement for safe sex by the N.I.A.D. (Nederlands Instituut voor Alcohol en Drugs). Colour lithograph by Laren, Tadberg Design.
  • Four scenes with a skeleton: the skeleton directing an astronomer-alchemist, poisoning the drink of lovers, contemplating a flagellant, and taking away a man. Drawings attributed to H.K. Browne [Phiz].
  • Training programme 2000/2001 : courses on HIV / AIDS and lesbian & gay issues in mental health / PACE, Project for Advice, Counselling & Education.
  • Saint Bernard of Clairvaux reconciles the antipope Anacletus II with Pope Innocent II. Engraving by J. Frey, 1743, after C. Maratta.
  • Africa: a group of African people standing on a kraal hut. Albumen print.
  • L'onanisme; ou dissertation physique sur les maladies produites par la masturbation / [S.A.D. Tissot] ; traduit du Latin.
  • Nicolas Andry de Boisregard, Orthopedia, 1743
  • Fu Jen-yu, Compendium of Ophthalmology, 1644
  • Animals, including fleas, performing various human activities. Wood engraving by Randon.
  • M0001605: Photograph of two men in the bough of a cinchona tree using a pulley to collect cinchona seeds
  • A Mevlevi (?), or Sufi holy man: walking, wearing a saffron cloak and skirt, and a tall red conical hat. Gouache painting.
  • The anatomy of the bones and muscles : exhibiting the parts as they appear on dissection, and more particularly in the living figure; as applicable to the fine arts. Designed for the use of artists, and memebers of the Artist's anatomical society. In two parts / By George Simpson. Illustrated with highly-finished lithographic impressions.
  • A bird: a dipper. Coloured engraving.
  • St. John's Schools, Liverpool, Merseyside. Wood engraving by Laing, 1850, after B. Sly after Hay.
  • Wherever you travel, however you travel, mind how you go : avoiding the risks of HIV for travellers : Travel Safe, advice from the Department of Health.
  • William Harvey. Stipple engraving by J. Thomson, 1823, after W. von Bemmel, 1657.
  • A magpie from New Caledonia. Engraving by Bawtree after J. B. Audebert.
  • Molecular model of alpha-haemolysin, ribbon
  • Carpentry: a lathe, with an assortment of tools for turning, and examples of turned work. Engraving by Louvet after Gallet.
  • Pontius Pilate comes out to the people, asks what is the accusation against Christ, and tells the Jews to judge him by their own laws. Engraving after J. Stella.
  • Anatomical drawing: the five viscera, front and back, Chinese
  • Anatomical drawings of the eye. Description of plate facing page 85, shown in M0011086.
  • Habenular nucleus, zebrafish
  • G. Henisch, 1549-1618
  • Sports snacking : active bodies crave carbohydrate for energy. But how do you get the most from meals and snack on the right foods at the right time?.
  • William Loudon Reid. Photograph by Weir.
  • Hercules between Virtue and Vice. Etching by P. Aquila after Annibale Carracci.
  • A terrified patient misunderstanding his doctor. Reproduction of a drawing after G.S. Dixon, 1924.