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Press releases

Wellcome Collection’s media office looks after media enquiries, press information about current and forthcoming exhibitions and events.

To request high resolution images for press use or to enquire about filming and photography please contact the media office by phone +44 (0)207 611 8866, or email mediaoffice@wellcome.ac.uk

Media office contacts

Kate Moores, Lead Media Manager

T +44 (0)207 611 5713

E k.moores@wellcome.ac.uk

Emily Philippou, Media Manager

T +44 (0)207 611 8726

E e.philippou@wellcome.ac.uk

Emily Pritchard, Media Officer

T +44 (0)207 611 8248

E e.pritchard@wellcome.ac.uk

Wellcome Collection is part of Wellcome, a global charitable foundation. For press contacts and further information please visit the Wellcome Media Office.