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Copying and photography

Photograph of a windowless photographic studio. In the centre is a table covered in a black cloth. Standing over the table is a man holding a light meter above an artwork which is resting on the table. Behind him is a large camera stand. To either side are large softboxes mounted on studio flash heads. In the foreground to the left is a trolley containing studio accessories. In the foreground to right is a computer display and keyboard.
Photographic services, Photo: Thomas SG Farnetti. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

You can use scanners, operated by your library account, to make copies from our collections. You can also use your own camera in the library, subject to some regulations.


If you want to make a copy of something from our collections, first check our library catalogue to see if there’s already a digital copy. We have thousands of high-quality digital images, books and unpublished materials from our collections, which are easily accessed online, and most can be downloaded. 

Whether you’re using your own camera or our copying facilities, please remember that you can only make copies for research and study or for non-commercial personal use. It’s your responsibility to observe UK copyright law


We provide scanners rather than photocopiers in the library in order to minimise wear and tear on items in our collections. The scanning service is only available to members of the library.  

The scanners are available on levels 2 and 3 in the library. Digital copies can be saved to your USB/memory stick (we don’t supply USB sticks in the library), or printed out on our network printers.  

Using your own camera

You’re allowed to use your own digital camera to make copies of most items in our collections. But please be sure to observe the library’s handling guidelines and UK copyright regulations.   

If you want to make your own copies of items in the Rare Materials Room (RMR), please check with staff at the RMR enquiry desk first, as special handling rules apply for these materials. Our staff can answer any questions you have about copying from the collections.  

Photography service

This service is currently at capacity and we are unable to take new orders. You can place new photography orders from Thursday 15 August.

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