Heart n Soul at The Hub

Our residents in The Hub from 2018–20 were award-winning creative arts company and charity Heart n Soul.

What Heart n Soul did in The Hub

Heart n Soul at The Hub was our third residency, brought together by the creative arts organisation Heart n Soul in 2018. 

Their research was led by people with and without learning disabilities and autistic people. The most important thing to the project was that everyone worked together as equals.

Heart n Soul at The Hub’s research questions were inspired by the life experiences of the people working on the project, who are often the people ‘under a microscope’.

Flipping the microscope, they found new and inclusive ways to do co-research, both in The Hub at Wellcome Collection and then online, working remotely due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Their research led them in multiple directions. They challenged thousands of members of the public by asking them up close and personal questions about learning disability and human value. They imagined an alternative, more inclusive future using art and design methods. And they explored what is important when it comes to caring and being cared for.

You can see and hear conversations and stories from the project on their multimedia website. They hope it will help other people and projects to create space for true collaboration and value the ‘whole person’, whatever field they are interested in.

As a result of their work in The Hub, Heart n Soul have gone on to receive funding from The Health Foundation to work with an NHS Trust and London Borough on radically redesigning health services for people with learning disabilities and autistic people.

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