What we do

Open Platform

Submit your own event proposal for a one-hour slot in our Reading Room.

We’re looking for proposals with a clear connection to the Reading Room's subject matter, focused on low-tech participatory activity, which helps create conversation and share ideas among a small audience. We are currently particularly interested in proposals on the theme of happiness.

How to propose an event

Come to one of our drop-in sessions in the Reading Room, where our Events Officer will consider your proposal and spend up to 20 minutes talking through your idea.

Come to the Reading Room and attend one of our drop in sessions:

  • Wednesday 4th March, 15:00-17:00
  • Thursday 12th March, 14:00-16:00
  • Wednesday 18th March, 14:00-16:00

Our Events Officer will consider up to ten proposals on each day, and spend up to 20 minutes talking through your idea. Come prepared to outline what you want to do and why, as well as the intended interaction with the audience.

We will give you a brief proposal form to fill in, where you will describe your idea and acknowledge that you have read, and will abide by, our Reading Room Rules and Health and Safety guidelines.

All written proposals will be considered by our Reading Room Working Group at the end of each month and successful applicants notified. You should be prepared to hold your event within two months of us accepting your proposal.

If you are unsuccessful, you may re-submit your proposal once more.

What we know works

Wellcome Collection is a venue that explores subjects from a range of perspectives and opinions, underlined by politeness and consideration.

Past successful events have included:

  • Small discussions
  • Art workshops related to Reading Room themes and content
  • Explorations of Reading Room objects or archive material.

What you can expect from us

We will pay for reasonable travel and materials agreed in advance, but we won’t cover any additional fees or overheads. (Please note that we do not cover international travel.)

We will discuss with you what it means to create content in a public building, and to be sensitive to the different people that may attend your event.

As these events are small (up to 20 people), we won’t supply any AV or other equipment.

You will have to attract and sustain your audience’s attention throughout your activity and, while we cannot guarantee you an audience due to the fluctuation of visitor numbers, we will promote your event in-house on the day.