Pitching a story

Wellcome Collection publishes original content from a wide range of authors on our website in our Stories section. Our online stories challenge the ways people think and feel about health by connecting science, medicine, life and art.

We’re open to different approaches, but we tend to commission:

  • Serials – unpacking a narrative over six instalments, each of which is around 1,000 words.
  • Essays – narrative journalism, including opinion and personal experience pieces; usually about 750 words but can be longer for the right story.
  • Behind-the-scenes – giving insights into the process of researching, curating or creating a piece of work, up to 1,500 words.
  • In pictures – a set of images, either from our collection or commissioned, accompanied by a short narrative that gives context.

We pay our writers, and everything on our website is published under a Creative Commons license. A pitch needs to include an outline of what the story will cover, why it is right for Wellcome Collection’s website, the format it will take, a proposed word count, when you could submit a first draft, and, if relevant, who you will interview.

The lead times on our content often varies (we may hold something back to coincide with a particular occasion), but a rough timeline from pitching to publication is around two to three months. Please only pitch if you can produce the proposed content within this time frame.

If you have a story idea you’d like to share, please send your pitch (no more than 350 words), along with examples of your writing, to stories@wellcomecollection.org. We are open to a range of ideas, although at the moment we are particularly interested in commissioning stories related to the topics of play, music, and happiness.

While we will give all pitches due consideration, we cannot reply to every email.