What we do

Ideas Hub

Ideas Hub is a week-long programme of workshops and activities that bring together different perspectives and voices to create new knowledge about health.

At The Hub at Wellcome Collection, we believe that complex problems are best solved through collaboration. For this year’s Ideas Hub, we’re bringing together 20 people from all sorts of backgrounds to co-create a programme exploring the theme of mental health, power and ownership. 

Through creative exercises, project work and talks with a range of experts, we’ll explore questions such as: Who holds the power in mental health? What are the roles of local knowledge and lived experience in creating understanding? How can Wellcome’s collections help explore these questions? 

The programme will offer participants time out from their normal routines to think differently and engage deeply with the theme, collaborating with a network of creative leaders and practitioners from different sectors. 

What people have said about Ideas Hub

“A rich and powerful experience of bringing curious minds together.”

“A week that will truly challenge you and open up new lines of enquiry.”

“This is the way people should be working to solve the biggest problems we face.”

Information for applicants

We have now emailed everyone who submitted a full application to Ideas Hub to let them know if they have a place on the programme. If you haven’t heard from us, please get in touch at TheHub@WellcomeCollection.org.   

Due to the volume of applications we received, we aren’t able to offer personalised feedback, but hope that the general feedback below will be useful. 

The standard of submissions was very high, so successful applicants typically had to submit strong answers to all five questions. We were only able to award 20 places and had to make difficult decisions regarding the balance of expertise in the group as a whole. The strongest applicants: 

  • Directly responded to every point in each question, giving practical examples to support their answers.
  • Made a compelling case for why participating in Ideas Hub was the right step for them at this point in their lives and/or career paths.
  • Demonstrated critical thinking in relation to their own expertise and experience, and articulated perspectives with the potential to challenge and inform Wellcome’s practice as an institution.
  • Were able to demonstrate how their particular experience and expertise would be of unique benefit to the group.

Thank you all for taking the time to apply. We’d love to hear your feedback on the process, so please do send any comments through to TheHub@WellcomeCollection.org.