Proposing an exhibition

Wellcome Collection’s exhibition programme makes imaginative links between science, art and the humanities. To date our multidisciplinary shows have covered diverse themes including X-ray crystallography, death, sexology, forensic medicine and consciousness.

Our exhibitions are planned about three years in advance and are usually the result of proposals generated by our own curatorial team or in collaboration with other institutions. In most cases, we choose which artists, scientists, academics and curators to invite to be involved.

Our galleries are not for hire, or open to individual exhibits.

We receive a high number of unsolicited exhibition proposals and although we do aim to read them all, we are not usually able to provide personalised answers or give specific feedback. For this reason, should you wish to send us a proposal, please do not include original or unique materials as we cannot guarantee their return.

Please send proposals to and we will be in touch should we wish to discuss your enquiry further or require additional information.