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Our Voices


Over summer 2016 Wellcome Collection worked with Jessica Marlowe and members of Core Arts, an organisation that supports mental health service users to develop their creativity, to create an audio companion to the ‘Bedlam: the asylum and beyond’ exhibition.

Participants used a variety of audio techniques to respond to the exhibition themes and exhibits, drawing on their own lived experience and offering unique perspectives mental health conditions, treatment, representation and social attitudes both now and in the past.

The pieces featured in the audio companion are available to listen to below. They are also included in a selection of Soundcloud playlists featuring additional audio generated during the project, grouped by theme:

What is mental illness?

Ending up on the ward – sectioning and admissions

Life on the ward


Ideal asylum

Definitions, attitudes and stigma

Core Arts and creativity


Our Voices audio companion tracks

Three Days On A Section

Paul Gibbons talking about his experience of being ‘sectioned’ under Section 3 of the Mental Health Act, also known as a ‘treatment order’.

Locked In

Gary Molloy shares his recollections of being given Haloperidol and Procyclidine.

States Of Mind

Gary Molloy gives listeners a taste of mindfulness, a technique he has found very helpful in managing his condition.


In case of feeling overwhelmed at any point, listen to this.