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What's involved?

What you'll do at Ideas Hub

You will be part of a group of 20–25 people spending the week of 3–7 September 2018 at Wellcome Collection. Together, you’ll explore the links between science, medicine, life and art. You will take part in a challenging mix of activities designed to stimulate you and help you reflect, including:

  • inspiring talks and workshops with professionals from a wide range of areas
  • creative challenges to get you thinking differently
  • thought-provoking visits to other organisations whose work relates to the theme
  • a bigger group project to really stretch your skills

What you'll get from Ideas Hub

Your week at Ideas Hub will give you new inspiration and help you rethink where you might take your career. It will be:

  • a way to build connections with different people and form a network that you can keep alive long after the event
  • an opportunity to explore alternative ways of doing things and challenge the ways you currently think and work
  • an invitation to be creative and explore your own ideas in a supportive environment
  • a chance to meet creative leaders from a range of sectors
  • a way to expand your understanding of the links between science, medicine, life and art

We ran a one-day trial of Ideas Hub earlier in 2017. Here’s what some of the participants said about it:

  • “I think the mix of approaches – lecture, group work, object work, the chance to be creative […], as well as analytical – was the most useful part.”
  • “I felt pushed, especially in the more creative tasks, as this isn’t how I’m used to working, but I enjoyed the challenge and sampling other ways of thinking and going about the activities.”
  • “I think the day has encouraged me to be more critical in my own work and challenge my own assumptions when approaching issues.”