‘Sensorium Tests’ and ‘At the Threshold’ by Daria Martin

  • Installation
Somewhere in Between exhibition. Sensorium Tests At the Threshold by Daria Martin, in collaboration with Michael Banissy, Thomas SG Farnetti. Source: Wellcome Collection. CC BY-NC.

Two short films about a fascinating and often debilitating condition

Time Out

‘At the Threshold’ and ‘Sensorium Tests’ explore the relationship between art, science and empathy through the experience of people with synaesthesia. This condition produces experiences in one sense that are usually felt in another or by another – for example, perceiving sounds as colours. A person with mirror-touch feels other people's sensations of touch, both painful and pleasurable.

The films, set in the style of 1950s melodramas, encourage you to inhabit the experiences of others and truly watch with all your senses.

Inside ‘Sensorium Tests’ and ‘At the Threshold’

About the contributors

Photograph of Daria Martin
Daria Martin


Photograph of Dr Michael Banissy
Dr Michael Banissy