‘Alien Sex Club’ by John Walter

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Photograph of a visitor exploring a gallery space.
Somewhere in Between exhibition. Alien Sex Club by John Walter, in collaboration with Alison Rodger, Thomas SG Farnetti. Source: Wellcome Collection. CC BY-NC.

Riotously bright and optimistic


Taking inspiration from London’s saunas, sex clubs and cruising spots, ‘Alien Sex Club’ explores the evolution of HIV from an incurable disease to a treatable condition. It combines cutting-edge scientific enquiry with satirical cultural artefacts and encourages you to get lost and explore the maze for yourself.

About the contributors

Photograph of John Walter
John Walter

John Walter is an artist, curator and writer. He achieved his doctorate in the Department of Architecture and the Built Environment at the University of Westminster. His work considers complex and uncomfortable subjects including sexual health, drawing audiences in through an exuberant use of colour, humour and hospitality. He received a Wellcome Arts Award in 2014 to produce ‘Alien Sex Club’, and another in 2016 for ‘CAPSID’, a project that looks in depth at how the HIV virus works.

Photograph of Alison Rodger
Alison Rodger

Alison Rodger is Researcher in Infectious Diseases and HIV at the Institute for Global Health, University College London, and a specialist doctor at the Royal Free Hospital. Her research interests include HIV transmission and HIV testing. She is lead author on the PARTNER HIV transmission study and also leads the PANTHEON research programme that looks at how HIV self-testing could improve diagnosis rates. For Alien Sex Club she advised John Walter on contemporary developments in HIV treatment, testing and prevention.