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8 March 2018 - 27 August 2018

Coming soon. Four collaborations integrating research from physiology, neuroscience, immunology and genetics.

Digital Story

Explore all six instalments following yoga's journey from ancient tradition to international phenomenon.

Explore the rich and fascinating story of medicine.

Body Squabbles

Laughter is the loudest medicine. Follow Rob Bidder's weekly comic, published every Friday.

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A treasury of illustrations and objects from Wellcome’s historical collection that trace encounters with Ayurveda and Indian medicine.

Join us for a free, week-long programme to explore the links between science, medicine, life and art.


The condiments in your cupboard are stronger than you think. Read the stories behind some of the world's most powerful spices.


Ayurvedic Man’s curator Bárbara Rodriguez Muñoz lifts the lid on tough decisions, troublesome history and the curatorial process.