FRESH: Adventures in refrigeration



Friday 16 June 2017


Saturday 17 June 2017


Join food designers Blanch & Shock and historian Helen Peavitt for a five-course dinner and discussion about how the fridge changed what we eat and how we eat it. Experiment with a bespoke menu that questions what it means for food to be fresh, looking at both the gastronomic advantages and the nuanced changes in taste and texture.

Come to Wellcome Kitchen, our restaurant on level 2, for five courses and a drink, inspired by Helen’s research on the history of the humble fridge. This will take you through the twists and turns of the processing and preparation of food as we have developed new ways to store and preserve. From freshly picked to pickled and cured, some ingredients will have never seen a fridge. Other dishes will be inspired by the dawn of domestic refrigeration, when ‘cold cooking’ was hot and you could improve food with chilled ageing.

Take a look at the menu:

PDF iconFRESH Menu (43.5 KB)

You’ll also have out-of-hours access to our 'Electricity' exhibition.

Limited tickets available (£45/£35) - you can book below from 11.00 on Friday 31 March.

Price includes food and one drink; other drinks available to buy. When you book, let us know if you would prefer a meat, vegetarian or vegan option, and whether you have any allergies. We are not able to offer kosher or halal meat options.


  • Josh Pollen & Mike Knowlden, food designers, Blanch & Shock
  • Helen Peavitt, curator of consumer technology, Science Museum

Concessions and assistants

Where we offer concessionary rates, these apply for people over 60, students, people on jobseekers allowance and disabled people.

A companion ticket is also available free of charge for disabled visitors. After you buy your ticket, please email or call 020 7611 2222 and we will supply the additional ticket. 


We regret that we cannot refund tickets unless the event is cancelled.