For Now We See


28 April 2015 - 4 May 2015

Nearly all life on Earth is nourished by sunlight. The deep sea, however, is reached by little or no light and parts of its vast expanse are less known about by scientists than the moon. Marine biologist Alex Rogers’s team dives submersibles into the depths to film new species and uncover human influence. Rogers has given 16 terabytes of this footage to artist Mariele Neudecker, who has manipulated a selection of it with a mix of classical music, heartbeat, helicopter, traffic and clock sounds. The resulting video installation is an exploration of the unknowable, murky landscapes and the subconscious. 

For Now We See, 2013, series of videos by artist Mariele Neudecker. 


  • Produced by Alice Sharp, curator and director, Invisible Dust
  • Scientific collaborator: Alex Rogers, marine biologist, University of Oxford

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(Image credits: For Now We See by Mariele Neudecker. Video still, 2013. Courtesy Invisible Dust.)

Part of On Light