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A still from a colour film. The image shows an individual in bright yellow trousers and jacket, sat on a chair with their left elbow resting on the arm rest, hand raised up by their face. They are looking to camera with a questioning tilt and expression to their face. Behind them is a black and blue background. They look as if they may be sat on a stage of some kind.
A still from the film Viscera. © Bhebhe&Davies.

Consider how we conceal, perform and harness our emotions in this new video installation.

Bhebhe&Davies use choreography, sound and text to explore how we express our feelings, focusing on rage and its limits.

The film is shaped by activist, antiracist and feminist writing, gestures drawn from competitive sports, and visceral human experiences.

‘Viscera’ lasts 15 minutes, and there are two versions, which play continuously.

  • Version 1 starts on the hour and half past the hour.
  • Version 2 has creative audio description and captions, and starts at quarter past and quarter to the hour.

Bhebhe&Davies is the collaborative practice of British-born Southern African performer and choreographer Nandi Bhebhe and Welsh artist Phoebe Davies. Viscera is the first in their film series ‘Eloquent Rage’.

Commissioned by Wellcome Collection and made with support from Arts Council England.