What is Sex?

Gallery event

Drop in

Wednesday 29 April 2015


Thursday 30 April 2015


Friday 1 May 2015


What is sex? Meg John Barker and Justin Hancock will try to find the answer in this in-gallery event, by inviting the audience to discuss the different ways we can classify sex and reflecting on what makes an erotic or sexual activity fulfilling.

Dr Meg John Barker is a writer, academic, counsellor and activist (specialising in sex and relationships) and is the author of ‘Rewriting the Rules’.

Justin Hancock is a sex and relationships educator working with young people and adults. He is the author of bishuk.com.

On each of the three days that this event takes place, short discussions will start on the hour and last approximately 40 minutes.

This is a free in-gallery event. Please note that access to the event may be refused once capacity is reached.

(Image: Tessa Oksanen, Wellcome Images)