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In touch with reality


Fully booked

This event includes British Sign Language provision.

Friday 7 October 2016



How do our brains create the feeling of having a body, and how malleable is this feeling? Join neuroscientists, a virtual reality film-maker and an artist as they share their insights and experiments on the sense of where we are in space.


Consciousness and the embodied self

Anil Seth sets out his approach to researching the brain basis of consciousness, exploring how experiences of embodied selfhood are complex constructions of the brain. The take-home message: I predict (myself), therefore I am.

Anil Seth is Co-Director of the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science. 

Contact: experiments in multi-sensory communication

Kate Genevieve talks about her work with virtual reality, which investigates how immersive audio, visual and tactile environments enable us to ‘slip our moorings’ and experience transformed relationships with our environment, other people and our own bodies.

Kate Genevieve is an artist, researcher and educator at chroma.space. 

Interactive activities

Stretch your mind with demonstrations that alter the experience of your body and shift how you perceive the world. These activities showcase cutting-edge research straight from the lab, and include both virtual and augmented reality.

Presented by the Sackler Centre for Consciousness Science, University of Sussex (led by Dr. David Schwartzman and Dr. Keisuke Suzuki), and Harry Brenton, Bespoke VR.

This event is FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11.00 on Friday 30 September. Please book onto one of the two sessions - each will include access to the talks programme and interactive activities.

Both the talks programme and interactive activities will be British Sign Language interpreted. To book a place with a view of the interpreter, or if you have other accessibility requests or requirements, email access@wellcomecollection.org.uk or call us on 020 7611 2222.

(Image: Barry Falk)