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Sixth-form symposium: Perspectives on Nature

School event

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Monday 3 July 2017


Group bookings: 5-20 students per school or college (total capacity 120)

Suitable for post-16 students from biology, art or enrichment groups, this fascinating cross-curricular day will take a look our personal relationships with the natural world and how these experiences inform our actions – or inactions. The day will consist of talks by experts, a gallery visit and facilitated activities, as well as creative workshops and discussions.

This symposium will encourage students to reflect on what we mean when we talk about ‘nature’, and will help them to understand the importance of involving a cross-section of expertise in such a dialogue. In order to inform and challenge your students’ understanding of the topic, all sessions will be led by academics from the worlds of science and art or by experts from a variety of relevant professions.

This event is based around A museum of modern nature, the second part of our exhibition Making Nature. See page 10 for more details.

A preparation pack will be sent out in advance of the symposium to prepare teachers and students for the activities and content that will be explored on the day.

This event is free, but we charge a fee for cancellation or changes to your group size made within three weeks of the event. Both policies are explained fully in the agreement we ask you to sign ahead of your visit.

To book, email youthprogrammes@wellcomecollection.org

For further details, see: wellcomecollection.org/nature-symposium

(Image credit: Museum National D'Histoire Naturelle, Paris, France 1982. © Richard Ross)