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In Search of the Right Words


Fully booked

Thursday 27 July 2017


We invite you to interrogate the language and metaphors that we associate with dementia. Consider how personal experiences might transform artistic, scientific and public understanding through an evening of discussion, film, poetry and visual art.

Dementia is often referred to in catastrophic terms such as ‘a plague’, ‘a tsunami’ or ‘an epidemic’. On the other hand, we have ‘dementia friends’, ‘dementia-friendly communities’ and ‘dementia champions’. With 850,000 people currently living with dementia in the UK, do we need more nuanced ways of talking and thinking about an issue that affects us all?


Join people living with a dementia - Tracey Shorthouse, Rukiya Mukadam and Wayne Eaton - together with current Hub residents from Created Out of Mind:

  • Susanna Howard, writer, researcher and actor
  • Charlie Murphy, artist, maker and researcher
  • Hannah Zeilig, arts and social gerontology researcher

Susanna Howard will reflect on a decade of working in the field of language and dementia through poetry, recordings and her new short film ‘Shutnell’.

Charlie Murphy will discuss some of the work she is developing with glass, typography and photography in response to scientific and personal insights.

Hannah Zeilig will question what we mean when we talk about dementia culturally, politically and individually. 

This event is FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11.00 on Friday 30 June.

Created Out of Mind are residents of The Hub at Wellcome Collection, a pioneering location for interdisciplinary research. This diverse group of world-class collaborators includes people with dementias, carers, researchers, musicians, artists and many more. The residents will put on a series of events challenging and shaping perceptions of dementias through science and the creative arts.

(Image credit: In search of the right words by Charlie Murphy)