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Saturday Studio: Zine-making

Youth event

Drop in

Saturday 25 February 2017




Learn a little about the world of self-published, small-edition magazines, or ‘zines’. Chat about the importance of a paper-based product in a digital world. Contemplate what makes a great zine, and have a go at creating your own!

The workshops will be led by the artist Andrew Kerr, an avid zine-maker, who will talk to you about the history and impact of these low-fi, self-produced pamphlets used by many sub-cultures, from punk to alternative politics.

How to get involved

This event is for young people aged 14-19. There are 20 spaces in each session - first come, first served. You’ll have the best chance of getting a space if you turn up fifteen minutes before the start of the session. Each session will last one hour, and you’ll be able to stay on for the following one if there isn’t a waiting list.

This event is FREE.

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(Image by Andrew Kerr.)