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Reimagining Dementia Campaigns



Wednesday 8 November 2017



Thursday 9 November 2017



How can language and typography inform public understanding of dementias? And how can personal experiences help us collectively reimagine the way we talk about these conditions? In this workshop, join artist Charlie Murphy, Pixel Press and collaborators from Created Out of Mind to consider how dementia campaigns might be reimagined through graphic communication, using both traditional and unconventional approaches to typography and print.

Charlie Murphy is Co-Director of Visual Arts for Created Out of Mind. Her research is investigating how a variety of creative and scientific processes might articulate and visualise some of the impacts of different kinds of dementias. Her practice includes glass, light, photography, printing, performance and video.

Created Out of Mind is a team aiming to explore, challenge and shape perceptions and understanding of dementias through science and the creative arts. They are the second residents of The Hub at Wellcome Collection.

Pixel Press is the experimental printmaking space of artists David Vassie and Julieta H Adame. They offer a collaborative platform, art studio, publishing house and classroom for people of different interests connected to language and printing.

This event is FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11.00 on Friday 27 October.

(Image credit: Charlie Murphy/Created Out of Mind)