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Record Review


Drop in

Saturday 14 October 2017


Andrew McGregor presents a special edition of ‘Record Review’, BBC Radio 3’s long-running programme devoted to recorded music.

He asks neuropsychologist Dr Catherine Loveday to reveal the results of a unique experiment on Radio 3 listeners investigating the influence of the ‘reminiscence bump’, the period from teens to early 20s from which we remember the most.

No matter how many new recordings are made, many people will never change their minds about their favourite recording of a particular work. In this programme, we find out if the reminiscence bump trumps musical excellence.

Plus, does the reminiscence bump compromise critical objectivity? Find out as, in a live edition of ‘Building a Library’, Jeremy Summerly puts himself to the test. As he listens ‘blind’ to find the finest of several recordings of the same work, will he put in first place the recording he remembers best from his younger days

Speakers and performers

  • Andrew McGregor, broadcaster
  • Catherine Loveday, neuropsychologist, University of Westminster
  • Jeremy Summerly, broadcaster, conductor, and Director of Music at St Peter’s College, University of Oxford