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Pop Forensics

Film screening


Friday 5 June 2015 - Saturday 6 June 2015

A two-day event in collaboration with the BFI. How is forensics portrayed in film, literature and television? How does the popular perception of forensics affect the courtroom? Join us for film screenings and discussion.

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Friday 5 June, 19.00-22.00

19.00-22.00 Screening of Manhunter with an introduction and Q&A from film critic, correspondent and programmer, Evrim Ersoy
Manhunter (1985, Michael Mann) 117 mins, 18 certificate

Based on the Thomas Harris novel Red Dragon, Manhunter introduces us to FBI profiler Will Graham, who uses his unique insights and forensic psychology skills to track down a particularly vicious serial killer. Manhunter is sometimes identified as the movie that kicked off the film and TV obsession with modern-day forensics.

Saturday 6 June, 11.30-18.30

11.30-13.30 Screening of Mystery Street with an introduction and Q&A from writer and critic, Maxim Jakubowski
Mystery Street (1950, John Sturges) 93 mins, 12A certificate

This 1950s noir thriller offers a look at the forensics of the day, as a team of medical scientists from Harvard Medical School shed doubt on the guilt of the chief suspect in a girl’s murder.

14.00-15.30 Forensic portrayals

A panel discussion on how forensics is portrayed in film, literature and television. How does the popular perception of forensics affect the courtroom?

Speakers: Alison Joseph, crime writer and radio playwright; Max Hill QC, barrister and Head of Red Lion Chambers; Maxim Jakubowski, writer and critic.

Facilitator: Frances Stonor Saunders, journalist and historian

14.00-16.00 Screening of Murder by Numbers
Murder By Numbers (2002, Barbet Schroeder) 115 mins, 15 certificate

Sandra Bullock takes on the role of a disillusioned cop who, with fresh enthusiasm inspired by her new partner, investigates a murder committed by two high-school students who think they have committed the perfect crime. An interesting insight into forensics in mainstream Hollywood.

16.30-18.30 Screening of Madeleine with an introduction from film curator, Karen Podesta
Madeleine (1950, David Lean) 110 mins, U certificate

Based on the true story of Madeleine Smith, a young Glasgow socialite who was tried in 1857 for the murder of her lover, in what the newspapers called “the trial of the century”. Featured in our exhibition, this film focuses on the courtroom setting, unlike contemporary portrayals of forensic science.

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(image: © 2002 Castle Rock Entertainment. All Rights Reserved. Still of Sandra Bullock and Ben Chaplin in Murder by Numbers (2002).)

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