Nature's Switch film

Film screening

Drop in

Friday 1 May 2015


Celebrate, explore and reveal the invisible moments, triggered by red light, in the everyday life of plants. Experience the newly commissioned Squirrel Nation’s artist’s film on Friday 1 May and get hands-on with Public Lab on Saturday 2 May, hacking a digital camera to sense the hidden world of plants.

Friday 1 May: 15-minute film screening, on a loop
Saturday 2 May: Public Lab workshop


  • Dr Erinma Ochu, Squirrel Nation
  • Caroline Ward, Squirrel Nation
  • Louie O’Grady, sound artist
  • Cindy Regalado, Public Lab community organiser and UCL postgraduate student

Squirrel Nation are visual artist Caroline Ward and Engagement Fellow Erinma Ochu, collaborating on Nature’s Switch with sound artist Louie O’Grady and Cindy Regalado, a community organiser with Public Lab. Public Lab is a community that promotes accessible, open technology and science to support grassroots social and environmental justice.