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Nature Wanders: On Reflection

Walking tour

Fully booked

Wednesday 19 July 2017


Saturday 29 July 2017


Nature is sometimes seen as rural and remote, but what beautiful, wild, surprising or mundane natural things might city dwellers find closer to home? Join us for a series of walks that will take a fresh look at what nature means.

Hold a black mirror carefully in the palm of your hand and scry, look, listen and think about who you are in relation to the world around you on this walk led by interdisciplinary artist Sheila Ghelani. Sketch like a landscape painter, look like a tourist: what do you see and what remains just off to the side - hidden, overlooked, forgotten, unnoticed? You will learn about the history and use of the black mirror - or Claude Glass - by artists, sight-seers and physicians of old whilst also considering what this small yet beguiling instrument might illuminate about our collective future.

Sheila Ghelani’s work spans performance, installation, participatory event and moving image. She is very interested in the practice of medicine and care and the relationship between art and science, with a particular focus on hybridity. Sheila is currently working on Elemental, a quartet of works exploring sulphur, atmospheric forces, breath and flow.

Please note that these are offsite walks suitable for all fitness levels. Please get in touch if you have any accessibility queries. Important further information will be provided when you book a ticket.

These events are FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11.00 on Friday 30 June.

(Image credit: Lucy Cash)