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Nature Wanders: Parks to Pavements

Walking tour


Wednesday 12 July 2017


Nature is sometimes seen as rural and remote, but what beautiful, wild, surprising or mundane natural things might city dwellers find closer to home? Join us for a series of walks that will take a fresh look at what nature means.

Our experiences of ‘urban’ and ‘natural’ environments sometimes feel quite separate, but is there a way of connecting them through the way we walk? How might we approach walking along a pavement compared to walking through a park? Could we look at our everyday environment a different way? Join us to explore our connection to the ecosystem of the world around us through slow walking, observational exercises and an introduction to the plants and animals of Regent's Park.

Sara Wookey is a dance artist, public speaker, writer and urban enthusiast involved in projects such as Being Pedestrian, a series of walks in downtown Los Angeles, and the Urban Rangers, which introduced people to public (yet hidden) access points along beaches In Los Angeles thought to be private. She is also a creative consultant working across academic institutions, cultural organisations and government agencies. Her most recent publication is Who Cares? Dance in the Gallery and Museum, published by Siobhan Davies Dance.

Tony Duckett is the Royal Parks Conservation Officer. He has been at the Royal Parks for 40 years, for 30 of which he was in charge of the ornamental waterfowl collection, collecting their eggs, hatching them in incubators, rearing the chicks and swapping them with other UK breeders to maintain what was, at the time, the best free-to-view collection in the country. He also created different types of habitats within the park to encourage birds to stop off when migrating, and even to stay and breed.

Please note that this is an offsite walk suitable for all fitness levels. Please get in touch if you have any accessibility queries. Important further information will be provided when you book a ticket.

This event is FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11.00 on Friday 30 June.

(Image credit: Corrina Gamma)