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Lost and Found Movements


Fully booked

Thursday 22 September 2016



Siobhan Davies and Jonathan Cole discuss their common interest in the relationship between observing and embodying movement. The lecture and demonstration draw on Cole’s research into conditions of impaired proprioception – our sense of our body’s position and movement – and Davies’s choreographic collaborations with dance artist Helka Kaski, which explore movements they have lost to the past and found again in images. Performative elements with Kaski accompany the conversation.


  • Siobhan Davies, choreographer and artistic director of Siobhan Davies Dance
  • Professor Jonathan Cole, neurophysiologist and author

This event is FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11.00 on Friday 26 August

(Image: ‘Manual’ (2013) by Siobhan Davies and Helka Kaski, photo © Alan Dimmick, courtesy Glasgow Life)