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The Incandescents



Friday 1 May 2015


Saturday 2 May 2015


Sunday 3 May 2015


Create and ignite your own lightbulb filament while listening to a cluster of speaking lightbulbs hanging overhead, in Abigail Conway’s Incandescent. Reconnect to the wonder of the humble lightbulb and consider the history of artificial light and our relationship to it.

15 minutes duration.

Tickets available (max two per person) from 19.00 on Friday 1 and 12.00 on Saturday 2, Sunday 3 and Monday 4 May in the Wellcome Library on level 2.



Incandescents by Abigail Conway
Sound Design by Melanie Wilson
Assistant: Kirsty Harris 
Light design/programming by Ross Flight

Bulb Characters
Bling Bling: Paul Cree
Dr Geraldine Eureka: Gemma Brockis
Umbria: Abigail Conway
Professor Glow: Pete Short
Dr Ravi Ollie: Tassos Stevens
Fiona Whitelight: Melanie Wilson

The Incandescents was originally commissioned by Battersea Arts Centre for the building wide show The Good Neighbour.
Special thanks to BAC, The National Theatre Studios, University Chichester and Vince Field.