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Friday Late Spectacular: Play

Friday late

Drop in

Friday 3 July 2015


Join us for a night of games and play for grown-ups!

What does play mean to you? How has our understanding of play changed over time? We're filling the building with all sorts of fun, from intriguing new digital games to traditional parlour favourites as well as discussions and experiences based around the different ways we can play. With word games in the Reading Room and challenges in the atrium, you have the evening to try things out and discover more about the purpose of play as you sneak, plot, listen, wander and scurry.

There'll also be new games made specifically for Wellcome Collection, using the new building in new ways and playing with content from our collection. Download the programme below.

This is a special late-night event with a bar running all night.

Curator: Holly Gramazio, game designer, Matheson Marcault

This event is FREE. Drop in any time.

Tickets for the scheduled talks and some larger games will be available from Wellcome Collection on the night of the event only, from 18.30.

PDF iconFriday Late Spectacular Play Programme.pdf



  • The Evolution of Play with primatologist Isabel Behncke
  • Ancient Board Games with curator Irving Finkel
  • Games and Personal Expression with journalist Leigh Alexander


  • Make your own museum in San Tilapian Studies (Emily Short) Come up with your own additions to a collaborative catalogue
  • Take a shot at Home Turf (Ed Saperia) A billiards game with a difference. Just roll with it…
  • Make some space at Elbow Room (Deep Dark Hole) Pick one key on the keyboard and make sure you hit it at the right time while others try to do the same
  • Battle in the Arena (Various) If you like physical games and silly sports, take up your place in the Arena and be ready to go, go, go!

Full list of games and contributors



Feminine Aspect is a game by Alice Maz that asks us to look at a collection of photographs, and to reflect on both them and ourselves.


Table Talk is a game by Nina Freeman that uses a single painting as a jumping-off point for a story about friendship and puberty.


Prolix is a game by pyun-pyun that uses images as artefacts within the game world, things to show and discuss.