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Cruising for Art

Gallery event

Drop in

Wednesday 3 December 2014


Thursday 4 December 2014


Friday 5 December 2014


Wednesday 10 December 2014


Thursday 11 December 2014


Friday 12 December 2014



One-to-one performances in ‘The Institute of Sexology’ exhibition.

With a bandana in your back pocket, you will be prepared for one-to-one performances created by some of London’s most adventurous artists, built in response to The Institute of Sexology exhibition. In this exploration of alternative cruising practices, your eye contact, smile or wink may start a wild journey, tender moment or intimate conversation.

Curated by Brian Lobel, performer and Wellcome Trust Public Engagement Fellow. 

Featured artists include:

Mamoru Iriguchi - I’m so confessional

Season Butler - Love Lies Bleeding

Katy Baird - me, me, me

Catherine Long and Dinis Machado - Get Up, Get On Up

Taylan Halici - Measured Response

Owen Parry - Salome, Baby! Dance of the Infinite Veil

These events are FREE. Pick up a bandana when entering the exhibition space to be involved. This will be a one-to-one experience but please note a bandana does not guarantee an interaction.

At busy times, timed tickets will be in operation.

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