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The Art of Gesture



Friday 14 July 2017


Join artist and Created out of Mind collaborator Charlie Harrison, and dance movement psychotherapist and choreographer Beatrice Allegranti, for discussion and creative activities exploring the art of gesture.

How is our sense of self embodied in gesture and movement? Does living with a dementia affect this form of expression? We will be creating collective canvases of ‘single yellow lines’; an artistic experiment which reflects on the unique information that can be gathered in a single gesture. Come and consider what this says about how identity is expressed through movement in painting and dance, even when other functions may be compromised.

A gesture can also be an offering or an invitation - to choose to do something creative and tempt others to join in, as we hope to do during this workshop.

This event is FREE. Tickets will become available below from 11.00 on Friday 30 June.

Created Out of Mind are residents of The Hub at Wellcome Collection, a pioneering location for interdisciplinary research. This diverse group of world-class collaborators includes people with dementias, carers, researchers, musicians, artists and many more. The residents will put on a series of events challenging and shaping perceptions of dementias through science and the creative arts.

(Image credit: Single Yellow Lines led by visual artist Charlie Harrison)