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Changing Our Planet, Changing Our Minds

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  • Discussion
  • Youth event
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Watch a recording of this empowering online discussion on food, fashion and the future. Topics include pay-what-you-can cafés, racial bias in AI technology, and what ‘sustainable’ fashion really means. Three speakers present new ideas for you to explore that might make you think differently about how we can live better with our planet and each other.

This event was created by our RawMinds Youth Ambassadors, who are aged 14 to 19, and is aimed at other young people.

This event was originally livestreamed on Thursday 10 September.



Need to know


The main panel discussion will be captioned by StageText, and the introduction and Q&A will be auto-captioned by Bluejeans, the videoconferencing platform.

For more information, please visit our Accessibility page. If you have any queries about accessibility, please email us at access@wellcomecollection.org or call 0 2 0. 7 6 1 1. 2 2 2 2

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About your contributors

Black and white photograph of Angela Chan knelt down on rocky terrain.

Angela YT Chan


Angela YT Chan is an independent researcher, curator and artist specialising in climate change. Her work reconfigures power in relation to the inequity of climate change through self-archiving, rethinking geographies and speculative fiction. Since 2014, Angela has produced curatorial projects and workshops as Worm: art + ecology, collaborating with artists, activists and youth groups. She co-directs the London Science Fiction Research Community and is also a research consultant, having worked in international climate and cultural policy and on climate and sustainability projects for major cultural institutions.

Joycelyn Longdon


Joycelyn is a PhD climate researcher studying the application of artificial intelligence to climate change. She founded the Instagram account Climate In Colour. As a diasporic woman of colour, her work focuses on ensuring that indigenous knowledge systems and marginalised voices are represented in climate science.

Annie Mackinnon


Annie’s practice lies between research, video and design to investigate socio-political aspects within sustainability and speculative futures. She is currently studying for an MA in Fashion at the Royal College of Art.

Sean-Roy Parker


Sean-Roy is an artist, environmentalist and cook. He studies the lifecycle of materials, complexities of civic responsibility and building community through collaboration and alternative currencies. He ran Brixton Pound Café, a pay-what-you-can café using surplus food.