Crip Casino

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Two people standing in front of a DIY hacked Crip Casino fruit machine.
Crip Casino DIY hacked fruit machine © Image by Rebecca Dann.

What you’ll do

Play with Abi Palmer’s fruit machines, which are designed to spit out surreal diagnoses or a detailed assessment of your personal pain and privilege that explores the language of wellness.

Take a chance at Crip Casino to explore how luck affects our health, physical capacity and status, and reconsider whether any of us truly “deserve” the role we are given in life. Or attend a one-to-one appointment for games like Crip Roulette, Egg-Face-Poker-Face, and A Kinder IntEGGration, to see how you fare against and within the system.

Abi Palmer’s playful and absurd works delve into the very serious state of disabled bodies’ treatment within society.

Crip Casino features flashing lights and unexpected noises.

About your artist

Photograph of Abi Palmer

Abi Palmer

Abi’s website

Abi Palmer is an interactive artist and writer particularly interested in the relationship between linguistic and physical communication. Her current work explores her role as an artist with a disability, and includes a ten-month research and development project, ‘Sanatorium’ (2018), on the disabled body on land and in water.