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Is This Violence? Am I Too Sexy?

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Image of an iPad taking a photo of two onions and a sausage positioned to look like a penis and testicles.  The text on the screen says "You are okay sexy." Underneath, is a rating of two red hearts out of four.
Is this violence? Am I too Sexy? © Image courtesy of Tomo Kihara.

What you’ll do

Join Tomo Kihara to play a game where your challenge is to trick artificial intelligence into thinking that it’s seeing violence or sexiness. Between 2-3pm you’ll also have the chance to chat and reflect on how biases in machine learning models can affect our society.



Need to know


We’ll be in the Viewing Room. It’s next to the Library entrance on level 2, which you can reach by taking the lift or the stairs.

Drop in

Just turn up to this event. It's likely to have room for everyone.

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About your host

Tomo Kihara

Tomo Kihara is a creative developer making playful interventions that challenge complex socio-technical issues. He is working with organizations such as the Mozilla Foundation and the Waag to explore the implications of autonomous decision-making systems in society. His projects have been exhibited internationally at the WIRED Creative Hack Award in Tokyo and at the London Design Museum.