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Photograph of the audience in the Henry Wellcome Auditorium at Wellcome Collection.
Event in the Henry Wellcome Auditorium at Wellcome Collection, Susan Smart. Source: Wellcome Collection. Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0).

We are all unique, yet society depicts some bodies as more desirable, ideal or ‘normal’ than others. Come and hear a variety of contemporary perspectives on how we see ourselves and others, as we consider the significant consequences of such ideas and challenge assumptions about difference. Listen to a panel of speakers and then join in with the conversation if you want to.

About your contributors

Photograph of Ellie Abraham

Ellie Abraham


Ellie Abraham is a freelance journalist whose work has been published by gal-dem, The Independent and InStyle magazine and others. Her work often touches on wider cultural issues like race and identity. Twitter - @ellieabraham

Photograph of Naomi Woddis

Naomi Woddis


Naomi Woddis is a photographer, writer and radio show host. Naomi is interested in opening new dialogues about mental health and chronic illness. Her monthly radio show ‘The Two of Us’ on Reel Rebels Radio invites writers and artists to talk about their work and how it relates to mental health and emotional well-being. Naomi has also been Artist-In-Residence at Culpeper Community Garden and her work has been exhibited at Ovalhouse and Lewisham Art house.

Photograph of Noëmi Lakmaier

Noëmi Lakmaier

Noëmi Lakmaier's website

Noëmi Lakmaier is a live artist and existential psychotherapist. Using everyday materials as well as her own body and the bodies of others, Lakmaier constructs temporary living installations exploring the psychological implications of power, control and insecurity, and the drive to belong and succeed as well as feelings of self-doubt and otherness. She has held artist residencies at the Camden Arts Centre, the Fire Station Artists' Studios, and Chisenhale Dance Space.

Photograph of Karen Arthur

Karen Arthur

Karen Arthur's website

Karen Arthur is a fashion designer, sewing tutor, stylist and speaks publicly on fashion, mental well-being, ageing and loneliness. She has been sewing for over 40 years and encourages women to harness the power of fashion to support good mental well-being using #wearyourhappy on social media and has penned an e-book ‘8 Ways to Wear Your Happy’ as a helpful guide.

Photograph of Mud Howard

Mud Howard

Mud Howard's website

Mud Howard (they/them) is a trans and gender non-conforming writer, performer, and activist from the states. Mud creates work that explores the intimacy and isolation between queer and trans bodies. Mud is a Pushcart Prize nominee, works at a perfumery, and is currently writing their first full-length creative non-fiction novel.