25’ by 25’

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  • Performance
Photograph of a vintage photographic print showing a woman's head, distorted through a glass sphere.
Myrto Farmaki. © Myrto Farmaki.

Attend a spoken word performance inspired by transcripts from the seances of the medium Margery Crandon. Learn about her life as a woman, wife and psychic and her extraordinary claims to be channelling her dead brother, Walter. These live readings will get you thinking about ‘hauntology’ and the significance of women’s voices in seances.



Need to know


We’ll be in the Williams Lounge. To find it, take the stairs or the lift down to level –1.

Limited spaces available

Spaces are first come, first served and may run out if we are busy so you may wish to arrive early. If you have any access requests or requirements, email us at access@wellcomecollection.org or call 020 7611 2222.

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About your curator

Myrto Farmaki

Myrto Farmaki is an artist and PhD film researcher at Kingston University. Her work explores notions of hauntology, where screen, voice and movement elaborate a study of identity, spectrality and dislocation.