Drawing with Perspective

  • Workshop
  • 14 to 19-year-olds
Photograph of a young woman and man sat at a table creating architectural drawings.
Saturday Studio workshop, Benjamin Gilbert. Source: Wellcome.

What you’ll do

Develop your technical drawing ability – for your portfolio or for fun. Practise getting your ideas out of your head and onto the page with the guidance of an architectural designer who’ll show you the techniques used by professionals to communicate their designs.

The first session will involve perspective drawing in the gallery spaces. The second session will focus on axonometric drawing, and you’ll combine drawing what you see with your own vision.

All the materials you’ll need will be provided.

About your facilitator

Photograph of Sahra Hersi

Sahra Hersi

Sahra Hersi is an architectural designer and artist based in London. After graduating from the Royal College of Art she set up her own multidisciplinary practice exploring the threshold between art and architecture, shared spaces, the public realm, community engagement, collaboration, and user-centred design. Her work often engages with issues of social/contested space.