What is Normal?

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  • British Sign Language
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Photograph of Tilley Milburn sitting as part of a panel, holding a microphone, listening to an other panel member speak. The panellists are bathed in a pale pink light.
Tilley Milburn at a Heart n Soul event, Heart n Soul.

What you’ll do

Join us for a conversation exploring human difference, value and love as we question what is normal from the perspectives of people with and without learning disabilities and autism. Listen to the speakers and then you can get involved in the discussion if you'd like. There will also be a performance by a Heart n Soul artist.

This event is linked with the Our Voice, Our Way installation and it is in the style of other Heart n Soul Chat Up events.

About your contributors

Logo for Heart n Soul

Heart n Soul

Heart n Soul website

Award-winning creative arts company and charity Heart n Soul are residents of The Hub from 2018 to 2020. Heart n Soul work with people with learning disabilities to help them develop their artistic talents or train as performers.

Photograph of Tilley Milburn

Tilley Milburn


Tilley Milburn is a singer-songwriter and performance artist. She is particularly interested in work that explores and appeals to people with learning disabilities and/or mental health issues. Her best friend is Del the Pig, a soft toy, whom she always performs with.

Photograph of Pino Frumiento

Pino Frumiento


Pino Frumiento is one of the co-founders of Heart n Soul. He has had a long and successful songwriting career and has performed across the world. Pino is passionate about making lives better for people with learning disabilities.

Photograph of Robyn Steward

Robyn Steward


Robyn Steward is an artist and autism trainer. She is also an honorary research associate at UCL (University College London). Robyn has written two books about periods and safety. She is also a musician.