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A Breath of Fresh Air

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Two people standing, looking at a very large, curved projection screen. On the screen are about a dozen grey, particle-shaped round floating objects.
In the Air exhibition. Air Morphologies, Matterlurgy & artsXR, 2022, Gallery Photo: Steven Pocock. © Matterlurgy & artsXR.

The climate crisis can feel overwhelming, and sometimes we all need a moment to catch our breath. Inspired by our exhibition, 'In the Air', you'll find lots of opportunities to join other young people (aged 14-19 years) in this series of events, which reflect upon our relationship with the air we breathe. From a one-day festival to individual creative workshops, you'll be able to explore topics including climate justice, campaigning and health.

Download this leaflet (PDF 1976kb) about the challenges of air pollution and how they relate to climate, health and race. You can use it to think through some of the key terminology, and consider the impact on your own wellbeing. Explore how we can act to tackle air pollution and the social injustices related to it.