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Feeling Our Way

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A bright and colourful illustration of a group of people in Wellcome Collection's Reading Room. Three of the group are sitting on large cushions on the floor, their attention is directed to something taking place to their right. One person is holding a white cane. Behind them is a wheelchair user wearing a yellow top and a navy mask. A woman in a red coat also stands near the group wearing a blue mask and holding a fluffy blue item. Behind them is a gallery wall showing framed illustrations of two hands holding each other, a pink wooly hat, and a fluffy blue object.
Feeling our Way. © Jess Thom for Wellcome Collection.

We all experience different types of touch in our day-to-day lives, but how do we really feel about it?

This series of in-person and online encounters reflects upon our relationship with touch. ‘Feeling Our Way’ is co-curated by Touretteshero and centres the experiences of disabled and neurodivergent people.

Across the series, you can engage with topics including social touch, intimacy, and care.

You can use the Feeling Our Way creative resource pack (PDF 85952kb) to explore how you feel about consent, intimacy and connection.

You can download an easy read description of this series of events (PDF 7699kb).

About the curator


Jess Thom and Matthew Pountney are co-founders of Touretteshero, an organisation that shares the creativity and humour of Tourette’s in an accessible way with the widest possible audience.